Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Summary of Chapter 3

Greg promised Haji Ali to build a school. Greg gave Sakin a camping stove. Haji Ali gave Greg a maroon silk quilt that was decorated with tiny mirrors. Greg spent the day at Korphe. Greg saw Mouzafer sitting on top of packs. Greg got lost twice. Greg left Korphe and met up with Scott Darsney. Greg realized that his host had covered him up with the most valuable thing they owned. Greg rested at Haji Ali's house to regain his strength.

Written by: Destiny N, Devin and Andres

Monday, March 2, 2009

Summary of Chapter 2

When Greg opened his eyes in the morning he could barely breathe. His face was covered in a mask of ice. Greg found Mouzafer at a boulder.When he looked over the mountain peaks he saw pinks , purples, and baby blues.Greg was still ,lost alone,and his hands where so stiff from the cold they where like claws. Greg lost Mouzafer on the path that they were going on but Mouzafer went one way but Greg went the other way.The sky was clear, and there was no wind.Greg was not afraid know that it is morning and he could see.Mouzafer made hot tea for Greg but Greg did not like it he just wolfed it down.When he found Mouzafer ...Mouzafer gave him a drink called paiyu cha. Greg did not like the tea so he just drank it because he needed the nice hot liquid. Mouzafer made tea with salt,baking soda, goats milk and sour butter churned from yaks milk. Greg hadn't had a shower in three months. This is only a little amount of this book just wait until chapter 3.

Written by: Christina, Chris and Kassy